Johnson's Auto Repair makes car maintenance and repair hassle-free, like it should be. We'll work, as we have since 1949, to earn your trust. And by investing in the latest automotive technologies, we ensure the best service in town. We look forward to working with you.

- Jeff Johnson, Owner

Johnson's Auto Repair makes car maintenance and repair hassle-free, like it should be. We'll work, as we have since 1949, to earn your trust. And by investing in the latest automotive technologies, we ensure the best service in town. We look forward to working with you.

- Jeff Johnson, Owner

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Located at the corner of 35th and 95th:

9418 35th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98115

(206) 522-3305

Open Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 5:30PM.

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We offer a complete list of automotive maintenance, repair and preventative services:

  • 30/60/90K scheduled maintenance
  • After-market warranty work
  • Brakes
  • Buyer, pre-trip, & safety inspections
  • Clutches
  • Complete electrical systems: alternators, batteries, lighting, starters, windows, wiring, etc.
  • Computer diagnostics: check engine lights, etc.
  • Cooling systems: radiators, waterpumps, etc.
  • Front and rear suspension & shocks
  • Heating & air conditioning
  • Oil change & tune ups
  • Transmission service

meet the team

jeff johnson
lou kennedy
rob lull
christian learned
igor levin

our history

our history

Johnson’s Auto Repair started in 1949, when WWII veteran Roy Johnson opened McHale’s Full Service Gas Station on the corner of NE 45th and Union Bay in the U-District (where Tully’s Coffee and Burgermaster stand today).

Roy earned a reputation for being a fair and honest business owner, making customer trust the foundation of his business. In 1977, Roy’s son, Jeff, began working at the station. After two years, Jeff attended the Arizona Automotive Institute to study repair and maintenance. Jeff graduated in the top of his class and returned home.

In 1989, Jeff took over the business (now located at the corner of 35th and 95th in Wedgwood). Jeff decided to focus the business on full service repair and changed the name to Johnson's Auto Repair.

Like Roy, Jeff understands the importance of customer trust—especially in the auto repair business. Johnson's Auto Repair has served thousands of customers since 1949—mostly by referral. Ask around. Chances are, one of your neighbors is probably a customer (if you're not already one, yourself).

satisfied customers

See why our customers tell their friends about us... and why they come back.

We have been using Johnson's Auto Repair for more than 25 years. They are competent, have high integrity and give good value. If our "mechanical problem" was a minor adjustment, there has usually been no charge. Jeff offers alternatives, when they're available, for major repairs. We have referred many friends to Johnson's and they have always found the service to be the best too.”

- Jim M., Seattle, WA|Courtesy of

I love Johnson's Auto Repair! If it's something as simple as a loose clip or as complicated as a new transmission, I feel like I can trust them. I have a newer car and an old junker and whenever something happens with either vehicle, I don't hesitate to call Johnson's and always feel glad I did afterwards. Fair, honest and reliable is hard to find with mechanics but I found it here! Can't recommend them enough!”

- Lindsay V., Davis, CA|Courtesy of

Johnson's was recommended by my kids' piano teacher. Johnson's is no-nonsense and FAST! I have a Honda Odyssey that needed 1) emissions inspection fix; 2) problem w/ rotor; 3) brakes; 4) new tires. They did a FREE estimate and told me what I had to fix first for safety reasons (rotor, which they could do, and told me to go and get new tires). Did that and returned for the emissions thing.

When my car was fixed (again, FAST!), it drove (and still does) like a dream. Like a new car! I love my Odyssey. It's a 2001 and I thought it was going to die. In Johnson's hands, it was given many more miles.

A friend has a Honda Civic that needed the rear axle replaced and new brakes. We dropped it off in the evening and the next day she was called to pick it up at about 10 a.m. These guys are FAST! Did I say they were FAST?!

Love them, recommend them HIGHLY!”

- Johnson D., Seattle, WA|Courtesy of

I took my Civic here after moving to the neighborhood, squeaky brakes and all. They set you up on the phone, give you the drop-off instructions, ask a couple questions, fine. I liked how the guy was businesslike and friendly enough. When I went to pick up, we had some appropriate small talk. There was no funny business with the price or other services that popped up, so that was good.

I immediately noticed the difference in my brakes. Yup, definitely new pads. And then the next day, *squeeeeeeek*. I called, and the guy told me to bring it right in and they would test it. Great. I go to pick it up after the test only to have him say that he couldn't hear it. (But they took a look anyway and found them "perfect.") What? So I drove it around, and couldn't hear it either. Ug. A couple days later, there it was again. Now, the guy said when I picked the car up: "If you hear it again, just come by and pull one of us into the car." I thought about that. I also thought about the fact that the squeak is occasional and very faint. I have really good ears. I know that when ears have been working in a loud environment for many years, they lose their ability to hear fine sounds. Okay. Slack cut, and four stars given, gladly.

- Jen S., Seattle, WA|Courtesy of

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